The World Went On Without Us

A couple that refuses to acclimate to societal changes reluctantly invites an old friend over who tries to encourage them to make their way outside.

Writer / Director: Charles A. Gilbert

Producer: Charles Gilbert, Nicole Ogden

Director of Photography: Zach Wolfe

Starring: Nicole Ogden, Kevin Marshall, Grant Pfost

Production Designer: Erin Day

Costume Designer: Jennifer Hryniw

Score: Judd Carlisle

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Kid Free Weekend

Vivian finally has a weekend all to herself, she won’t let anything eat up her free time.

Writer / Director: Rozalyn Mattocks

Executive Producer: Brad Mattocks

Producer: Walk Among Giants, Sledgehammer Pictures

Director of Photography: Azariah Oldacre

Starring: Erin Day

1st AD: Charles Gilbert

Production Designer: Jonathan Williams

Costume Designer: Jenna Dawn Arsenault

Score: Judd Carlisle. The Frigidaires

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A young woman attempts to save her brother from an accusation of murder in a small town.

Writer / Director: Curtis Wyatt III

Executive Producer: Eric Dodson, Curtis Wyatt III

Producer: Olivia Olson

Director of Photography: Eric Dodson

Starring: Ollivia Olson, Jeremy Kaluza, Bobby Hardin Jr, Andre Rodriguez, Madonna Ritter, Curtis Wyatt III

Post Production Supervisor: Charles Gilbert for Walk Among Giants

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